Daniel Dlouhy


As a filmmaker I am interested in exploring different forms of narration. I like to follow, observe, deconstruct these forms in all genres film hast to offer. In my work the work-process itself, time and space, emptiness, social problems and society, human behavior, history and its effect on certain regions/people are essential. I want to find hidden and everyday life stories; find the essence of these details – find the problem and open it up without giving an answer. To find these details I connect and interact with various people to obtain their trust and some truth. I love the process of making a video or a film, its never repeating and brings always something new. And i like to work together with different artist, technicians or producers.
I love film and every aspect of making it and I believe in the power of the moving image. I know that film can´t change the world but it can make us think or make us look a little bit outside the box.

In other my works as curator, manager of a theater, radiohost and film festival director I like to enable other artist to do what they want. To open their view, to disturb or interrupt them and to open connections/networks for them. We should think outside of categorization with the purpose of thinking them in new ways.