Daniel Dlouhy

Etwas Paradies

Engl. Titel: Something Paradise
2013, Documentary, 83 min

The film is centred on a community in Peru. Migration movements were always part of being human. Maybe now more than ever. But we still keep forgetting about this. Everyday people die during their attempt of entering the fortress Europe. Tirol as one of the richest parts in the middle of Europe defends itself against people from different nations ever since. On the other hand Tirol is extraordinary proud that there is a colony in the middle of the Peruvian jungle.
I see Something Paradise as severe criticism on this behaviour, on Tirol’s traditions, its stubbornness and its conservative society. I am actually really shocked by the hate and racism which is surrounding me every day and I feel paralysed and powerless. Film is power and has the ability to break with this powerlessness, at least for a short moment or a blink. With every movie I discover the medium a bit more. Maybe this is why I went back and tried to define with Something Paradise an archetype of the documentary genre by letting the people explain and giving them the space they
won´t get elsewhere.
Peru/Austria 2013; Director: Daniel Dlouhy; Production: Daniela Atzl; Editor: Sebastian Longariva & Daniel Dlouhy; Sound design: Bertram Walser; Colourist: Mathias Helldoppler; Idea and concept: Daniel Dlouhy & Daniela Atzl (DCP; Colour; 83 min; german-spanisch original with English/German/Spanish subtitles)

The Documentary was shown:
Topkino, Wien (AUT)
Heimatfilmfestival Freistadt (AUT)
Kino Otok – Izola Cinema (SLO)
Programm Kino Wels (AUT)
Embassy of Austria. Public Screening (PER)
Internationales Filmfestival Innsbruck (AUT)
Latinale in der Bäckerei (AUT)
Release Date April 2013 (AUT)
Cinematograph Innsbruck (AUT)
Premiere in Leokino Innsbruck (AUT)